Work: From startups to the No. 1 on Fortune 500

From print to web, production to coding to UX, my work has spanned across companies as small as three employees and as large as the no. 1 company on the Fortune 500. See my portfolio highlighting recent work, or view one of the projects below. Games

A skate trivia game for iPhone.UX, UI, IxD, IA

Coin Impact

HTML5/Facebook game design.HTML5, CSS3, UX, UI, gameplay

Hansen’s Beverages

Website redesign & asset production.UX, UI, IA, interactive design, QA/testing

Beauty department landing page redesign.UX, advertiser-conscious design

View more career highlights in my portfolio.

Blog: Plugins, how-tos, and more

How to get free products to review on Amazon

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Know your software version numbers: 3.6.x and 3.6+ are not the same thing

You may have seen this while shopping for a WordPress theme, a new online game, or even an app for your phone: marketing materials using versions with an “x” or “+” in them, such as “3.6.x” or “3.6+”. These are … Continued

The hidden narrative in our Instagram photos

Most Instagram accounts tell a hidden story. On the surface you may see an aspiring actor documenting their busy life in LA. Or maybe a shop owner sharing each customer’s joy of a new purchase. And it can even be … Continued