Author: Tristan

Why I removed Google Analytics from my website

UPDATE: As of Dec 3, 2016 I have temporarily reinstalled Google Analytics to track visits to the chapters of my book. My opinions below have not changed. Since the day I learned how to set up and install Google Analytics I have added it to every website, every custom landing page, every microsite. I never… Read more »

Benefits and drawbacks of a standing desk

I have been using a standing desk for just over 3 years now. It really all started when I moved into a small apartment and my old 8-foot corner desk I designed and built myself didn’t quite fit. While unpacking and rearranging the room for the third time, I leaned on a folding set of… Read more »

CSS3 text with textured drop shadow effect

This experimental tutorial stacks text and applies a CSS3 mask to the buried text, then offsets it a bit to create a textured shadow, much like we have seen in print ads.

Photoshop tutorial: how to make realistic skateboard grip tape

While I was designing a skateboard iPhone app, I needed grip tape for much of the UI. Looking around stock photography sites told me there is a dearth of skateboarding photos—let alone grip tape—that is usable. Tried to take some photos myself, but found they weren’t coming out right. So, I made some grip tape… Read more »

Beware of Buffer’s analytics

It took recent tweets via Buffer for me to realize that the analytics for click-thrus are not specific to my tweeted link: they are pulling from the aggregate of all shares using that same shortened link. For those of you that don’t know, the links in Buffer are masking the links. When you… Read more »

SEO: use Twitter to get sites & pages indexed lightning fast

Today, the fastest way to get your new website or new web pages indexed by Google is to post the URL on Twitter. This is not instead of the myriad of other things you must do to ensure proper and swift indexing on search engines, but it is definitely the fastest. And by a long… Read more »

Free iPad 2 background/wallpaper template and tutorial

So, you have an iPad or iPad 2 and you want new backgrounds? I created a Photoshop template so that you can make your own backgrounds and not have to pay for them, or end up on some shady site that lured you there with the pretense of free iPad wallpapers. Do you have to… Read more »

Using jQuery to duplicate a section of a form, maintaining accessibility

July 2013: I have moved this plugin to GitHub. All future versions and work will be hosted there. Please visit the project page for downloading, forking and contributing. You may continue to leave comments below. Demos The old demo for this plugin can be found here: Duplicate a whole section of a form The… Read more »