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How to post a slo-mo video to Instagram (iPhone, iOS 8)

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to shoot a slow motion movie and post it to Instagram without watermarks from using a third-party app like SloPro or others. This tutorial is meant for phones that: are capable of shooting slow motion video, and have iMovie app installed, and have Instagram installed. So,… Read more »

Know your software version numbers: 3.6.x and 3.6+ are not the same thing

You may have seen this while shopping for a WordPress theme, a new online game, or even an app for your phone: marketing materials using versions with an “x” or “+” in them, such as “3.6.x” or “3.6+”. These are not interchangeable and do not mean the same thing, especially when it comes to support…. Read more »

The hidden narrative in our Instagram photos

Most Instagram accounts tell a hidden story. On the surface you may see an aspiring actor documenting their busy life in LA. Or maybe a shop owner sharing each customer’s joy of a new purchase. And it can even be a worrisome amount of alcohol in a son’s first year at college. Below that easy-to-read… Read more »

Is the Yahoo! Weather app icon really that ugly?

Twitter is all a-buzz over the new Yahoo! weather app for iPhone. On one hand people are praising Marissa Mayer for a beautifully designed app (see one of the conversations on her Twitter post.) On the other hand, Twitter users (as well as comments on blogs) are lambasting Yahoo! over the design of the icon:… Read more »

How to Integrate Facebook’s Open Graph with Business Catalyst Tags

Mike Damian at helped me customize the Facebook Open Graph (OG) metatags for the Cruz Skate Shop website. It is currently on Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) platform, so we needed to use BC’s tags to keep the OG meta tags dynamic. (See my previous post covering Twitter Cards and BC.) Dynamic BC tags in… Read more »

How to Integrate Twitter Cards with Business Catalyst Tags

I recently worked with Mike Damian at to customize the Twitter Cards for the Cruz Skate Shop website which uses Adobe’s Business Catalyst (BC). While adding Twitter Cards to your website is pretty straightforward, Business Catalyst—like WordPress—requires we use dynamic tags to populate the content of the meta tags. Twitter Cards for products I… Read more »

How often should you backup your website?

With the ease of creating a self-hosted website, and the good advice of backing it up, this still leaves the question of how often you should do this? And is there such a thing as too often, or not often enough? In short, everyone should be backing up their website periodically. But, the frequency you… Read more »

Benefits and drawbacks of a standing desk

I have been using a standing desk for just over 3 years now. It really all started when I moved into a small apartment and my old 8-foot corner desk I designed and built myself didn’t quite fit. While unpacking and rearranging the room for the third time, I leaned on a folding set of… Read more »

CSS3 text with textured drop shadow effect

This experimental tutorial stacks text and applies a CSS3 mask to the buried text, then offsets it a bit to create a textured shadow, much like we have seen in print ads.