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How to Integrate Twitter Cards with Business Catalyst Tags

I recently worked with Mike Damian at symbiotiq.com to customize the Twitter Cards for the Cruz Skate Shop website which uses Adobe’s Business Catalyst (BC). While adding Twitter Cards to your website is pretty straightforward, Business Catalyst—like WordPress—requires we use dynamic tags to populate the content of the meta tags. Twitter Cards for products I… Read more »

Beware of Buffer’s analytics

It took recent tweets via Buffer for me to realize that the analytics for click-thrus are not specific to my tweeted link: they are pulling from the aggregate of all shares using that same shortened link. For those of you that don’t know, the buff.ly links in Buffer are masking the bit.ly links. When you… Read more »

SEO: use Twitter to get sites & pages indexed lightning fast

Today, the fastest way to get your new website or new web pages indexed by Google is to post the URL on Twitter. This is not instead of the myriad of other things you must do to ensure proper and swift indexing on search engines, but it is definitely the fastest. And by a long… Read more »