DwellAware Neighborhood Page

DwellAware was focused on finding you the most comfortable home you could afford. And part of that comfortability was the neighborhood the house sat in. We had a dynamically generated neighborhood page for the dozens of neighborhoods across San Diego.

Each neighborhood would have an area score, a rating from residents’ reviews, overview, school scores, and much more. It was aimed at helping people not familiar with the area get all the information they would need to make an informed decision on a home. During user testing we found that people outside the San Diego area found this page immensely useful in helping make a decision.

Skills used:

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Responsive framework
  • Usability testing

Early Neighborhood Page Design

Below are two screens from an early design for the neighborhood page that we iterated on to get to the final one below.

dwellaware neighborhood tab

dwellaware neighborhood schools tab

Latest Neighborhood Page Design

After testing the above design by asking users to perform certain tasks (looking for specific information about a neighborhood), we iterated on the page’s UI and information. Below is how the neighborhood looked like when a visitor was viewing a home.

neighborhood tab dwelling page

Saved Neighborhood in Account

Logged in users of DwellAware were able to save neighborhoods so that they could compare them. This screen shows the mobile view of the neighborhood tab in an account. It also shows that the user has added their work/POI address for commute times.

account followed neighborhoods mobile