Real Gravity Sketching and Wireframes

While at RealGravity, we sketched first, then iterated on lo-fi prototypes with stakeholders, users and customers before we built anything. Below are some projects I worked on at RealGravity showing the ‘invisible design’ behind much of our work.

Reporting area of the Portal

While working on the reporting area of our Portal, we first sketched out the information architecture and workflows used in viewing and downloading the reports. This helped us see where the improvements requested by our stakeholders and customers fit and would work well.

Below are the whiteboard sessions of the information architecture and workflows:

sketch of workflows

sketch of information architecture

From the sketches above we created these lo-fi prototypes we used to test the new features with stakeholders and customers:

publisher reports prototype

publisher reports prototype

Player end state sketches and wireframing

Customers requested a monetizable end state for videos. We sketched out workflows for various situations from no ads to multiple ads, contextual ads, and even a contest requesting the users’ email address to enter. This was a cross-functional team project with stakeholders in marketing, engineering, business, data science and our customers. It even included a honeypot to catch and record bots!

Below is one whiteboard session we did with stakeholders from multiple teams:

player end state workflow

Player pause state matrix

As we added features and advertisements, our player end state became even more complex and at times broken. There was no documentation for how it worked, nor written acceptance criteria for QA. I was tasked with documenting the current pause state and seeing if it could be improved (and possibly monetized.)

Below is a whiteboard session we did to figure out all the states for desktop and touch-enabled devices:

player pause state matrix

Skills used:

  • UX design
  • workflows
  • information architecture (IA)
  • advertisements

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