Skate Trivia Vol 1

Lead UX and UI designer for an upcoming iPhone game. We removed the ‘multiple guess’ and time limit from the standard trivia games, and turned it into a skate nerd’s best friend. Designed to be played during a road trip, this game asks users to play it with—and against—friends.

Ad-supported, the game is designed to work with the skate industry to deliver a perfect blend of ads and trivia that both sides are comfortable with.

We started out with a sketch session and paper prototyping to test the flow amongst ourselves and friends before we started designing it.

Skills used:

  • UX Design for mobile
  • UI Design for mobile
  • Interactive design for mobile
  • Information Architecture

sketching skate trivia game screens

Game screens

This is the loading screen (splash screen) for the game.

skate trivia loading screen

Question screen:

trivia question screen

Answer screen (players would drag tiles from the keyboard below into the empty slots.) Note that every screen has an ad, and ads can be contextual (or brand specific) to the question/answer:

answer screen

Hints were given out to players by advertisers:

hint ad screen santa cruz

Screen showing answer in progress, with hint tile placed (in red):

long answer screen

Art director: Gordon Eckler.